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Episode 65 - Big Buddha Brawl

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This week Casey shares some exciting news and Danielle opens up about a painful, ill-gotten injury. The girls discuss Atlanta, Richard Simmons, Big Little Lies and the EXPLOSIVE episode of Beverly Hills that had Danielle feeling for Eileen and Casey calling for Dorit and PK to be publicly lit on fire and burned. The bough finally breaks- and bough = Erika Jayne.

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First of all, I cannot stand how she has come for Erika about having a glam squad and Mikey being her yes man and then turning around and traveling with her "glam squad". Obviously she needs to be fired for her poor hair choices. The sewn in wig bobby pins and then the sausage casing ponytail...?


Who would ever expect their husband to look at another woman's vag and then openly discuss and be chill with it?


Vanderpump had forever been my no.1 but has now been surpassed by Erika since LVP has brought in and backed Dorit this whole season. Maybe I've missed something. I don't seem to find the appeal.


She seems to be very fake. Her and PK's banter of 5th grade level jokes. They're just kind of gross and I guess I'll forever be bitter at anyone coming for Erika.

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The sadness/disappointment Casey and Danielle felt when mentioning Yolanda's choice to be on new reality show was priceless. what a super ep!

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