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Homework: Juno (2007) vs Whiplash (2014)

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While I enjoyed both films and had a more visceral/emotional impact by Whiplash, I would show my future kids Juno before it for the following:

-it is more influential/mimicked, virtually starting the indie craze alongside Little Miss Sunshine

-it is the best product of many of he people involved (Ellen Page, Michael Cera, Allison Janney, Diablo Cody) whereas Teller and the director have arguably already gone on to better things

-it has a soundtrack I still listen to every day (props to Kimya Dawson)

-it holds up better under rewatches

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Maybe the thing that really won me over with Juno was the film's ending. I'm positive that I'm in a minority in this way. Whiplash has a conclusion that is one for the ages. Whatever the film's flaws, Andrew's final performance never gets old. But I prefer the far more meaningful, graceful, messy climax of Juno. This is a film I've seen so many times, but it wasn't until this viewing that I found myself crying. I don't know if it was because Paulie was finally there for Juno, or if it was because Jennifer Garner--who should have gotten an Oscar nomination for this film--nervously, cautiously allowing herself to be a mother, or because of Cat Power and The Moldy Peaches. I prefer a moving ending, and Juno has a final stretch that just works.




I love the end -- especially the reveal about the note

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The more I'm reading the discussions about Juno and Whiplash the more infuriated I am about them being pitted against each other. They are such different films with superficial connections to each other.


I think for a VS episode there has to be certain caveats:

Same director/screenwriter/actor/vibe

or a nonsensical VS i.e Best of 2016 (which I would absolutely love an episode about (regardless of it being now 4ish months ago)


I'm trying to compare and contrast these films but they are so different- this is one of the most bizarre pairings in a long time.

I hope there's a both option on the voting; this is ridiculous, surely there was another Blacklist script that was similar to Whiplash OR Juno right?

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Juno deserves a 'good job'. But it's no Whiplash I feel like Juno stumbles with the doofy Mark character at least that jazz movie is consistent tonally. J.K. Simmons for the win either way though.

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