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Episode 165.5 - Minisode 165.5

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I LOVE the Family Feud June Game. Consider it done!


Secondly, and I'm not trying to be opportunistic on the forum BUT I have a 20% off code for our new HDTGM store on Tee Public. I really love the designs we have made on this site, so I'm telling you about it because we are legit fans of the stuff on it. Plus you can get the designs as a sticker, shirt, laptop case, hoodies, onesie, etc... (a ton of different price points) and tthe artists get some of this money when you buy their design. (I'll probably post about this on the TimeCop forum as well, just want to make sure we can use this code - so people don't have to pay full price.)


website - teepublic.com/stores/hdtgm

CODE - "how-did-this-get-made"

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