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Several years ago I listed to the first Farts and Procreation episode. Little did I know that I would become a die hard fan of this incredible funny and outright ridiculous podcast. No matter how shitty a day I'm having I can go back and listen to my favorite episodes and smile (emo right?). My best friend is also a fan so it has been great sharing all the inside jokes and commenting on the newest episodes. I listen to many podcasts but this is the only I look forward to EVERY WEEK. Technicality. No. Down. Boo. Over.

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Like everyone else here, CBB has meant a lot to me. I got hooked two years ago when my roommate started insisting that I listen to something called "Time Bobby" ….and from that point on, I've been living in an amazing, expanded universe of characters and jokes that I've truly treasured.


Just as a weird anecdote… my personal favorite CBB memory came out of the episode "Absolutely Mandatory," when Scott, Zouks and Thomas Middleditch were talking about Montell Jordan, and discovered that he now worked at Victory World Church in Atlanta. It was an odd, random fact that normally wouldn't have made an impression…. except CBB tends to produce these little earworms in my brain that invariably pop up later….


…. cue a couple months later… I'm a barista and working my typical morning weekend shift. As usual, I'm serving this group of regulars I see every Sunday, who, incidentally, always wear these large lanyards that I've never really investigated. For whatever reason, this Sunday, I looked down to actually read the lanyards, and they all say in giant blue letters: "Victory World Church."


Some alarm in my brain goes off, and after a few minutes of prepping lattes and accessing the recesses of my memory, I remember that CBB episode… and turn to ask one of the Victories:


"Hey. Weird question….um… do you guys…. does Montell Jordan go to your church?"


Their faces immediately lit up-


"Pastor Montell? Oh yeah! Yeah, he's wonderful! Why?"


Kind of floored, I try to explain-


"Oh! Wow….that's awesome! This podcast I listen to was talking about… Pastor… Montell Jordan, and your church came up in the conversation…"


Triple the excitement and face lighting-


"REALLY?? Was it NPR?!"


"Oh. Um… no. No, it wasn't NPR. It's called Comedy Bang Bang...?"


They had no idea what I was talking about, but were still very nice and invited me to come to one of their services later that day. I'm not particularly religious but I am very curious about most things (and did feel kinda bad about the NPR bit) so I went.


Turns out, I had forgotten- thanks to some kind of coping-mechanism-shutdown-mode- that it was the first Sunday since the election…. and so found myself, due to several odd coincidences and being able to count on Scott to heighten even a basic, "What's your favorite song?" question…. listening to Montell Jordan talk about how to process last November and how to move forward.


So, basically, thank you Comedy Bang Bang for not only 500 amazing episodes but also for being the catalyst to some very cathartic social-political therapy. Sincerely, I love this show.

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CBB formerly CDR formerly not a thing got me through some really shitty shifts at an overnight job that I hated. I came onboard with episode 59 and I've been in love ever since.

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