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Episode 306 - Jim Bakker's End Times

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Andy Daly and Bob Dassie join Matt Besser this week for scenes about a critic being confronted for snubbing a show, a hostel owner who charges in anecdotes, and an aggressive neighborhood mediation. Later, youths lose their innocence by way of playing cards, and a group of zealots neglect their hygiene in anticipation of the end times.





(0:38 - 5:18) Intro Story - Not being able to get your show reviewed - Theater critic gets confronted for not publishing a review of a show he saw


(6:34 - 14:26) Twitter Suggestion - kabuki - Theatregoers get prepped for 2.5 hour tea-sipping scene


(14:32 - 24:45) What is Bothering You? - Calling Rich about the Hei Hei toy - Child gets an annoying toy instead of supplies during a flood


(26:52 - 37:10) Question from Listener - “Where have you visited that you felt most out of place” - hostel owner charges in anecdotes


(39:00 - 46:00) - Man on the Street Interview - “What is your proudest accomplishment” - Army veterans war memories all focus on the ills of marriage


(46:07 - 58:50) - Crap on Youtube - “Crazy Woman Harassing Service Dog & Man In Wheelchair at Wal-Mart” - An aggressive neighborhood mediation


(58:55 - 1:11:47) Question from Listener - “What is one moment from your childhood that you want to relive?” - Youths lose their innocence after finding sexy playing cards


(1:11:53 - 1:23:37) Crap on Youtube - “Kevin Shorey Sings Terrible Song On the Jim Bakker Show” - Religious zealots stop wiping their asses before the end times

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Finally! It's been too long since Andy Daly's been on the show!


Agreed. I need so much more Andy Daly in my life. My Daly intake is dangerously low.

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Agreed. I need so much more Andy Daly in my life. My Daly intake is dangerously low.

Your Daly intake should be daily.

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