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Origin Stories Bonus: Michael Paré

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Actor Michael Paré, who stars in Streets of Fire, chats with Blake Harris about playing rugged antiheroes, the way New York City used to be and his wild 1980s journey from aspiring chef to aspiring actor. Listen to more episodes of How Did This Get Made: Origin Stories on Stitcher Premium!

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He sounds like a character in a movie set in New York in the 1970s. That story he tells of him and Joe Pantoliano getting into an argument with the AD on Eddie and the Cruisers about who would carry their luggage sounds like a scene from that time as well. Or like a Tony Soprano origin story.


"I don't carry luggage."

"I ain't asking ya ta carry my luggage!"

"Then what the fuck we standin' around here for?"

"I still gotta GET my bags, ya frickin' mamaluke!"



*Numerous hand gestures*

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