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24 - Songs of Experience

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(Bonus.... reading all the iTunes comments from U2 fans who have written tomes on how Scott and Scott make a lot of stupid jokes and hate this show while listening to this show made it hard to breathe, I was laughing so hard.)


I am almost tempted to install iTunes just to be able to read the "customer reviews" -- is there any other way to see them?


On the iTunes website, I could only see 3 comments -- but they did contain this gem (with which I wholeheartedly

agree, needless to say):


"This podcast is CRAP! I have no idea why it's so popular save the U2 reference—but it’s not about U2. I'm half way through the first show and all I've heard are boring, meandering stories about the hosts' lives with occasional references to random bands--and sometimes a reference to U2. If you are expecting to hear about U2, don't waste your time. If you are huge fans of these two guys and want to hear insipid stories about their lives you’re in the right place."

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Please please please do an REM Podcast!


I don't have Twitter and have no idea how else to get in contact with Earwolf/Scott & Scott, but I FULLY support this idea.


U Talkin' U2 To Me is one of my favorite podcasts, and I can't stand U2, but REM is one of those bands that I've always WANTED to get into (and I've even tried a few times) and I would love to go through their back catalogue track-by-track with two of the funniest people ever.


I know they're both incredibly busy, but this would be incredible.

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Please please PLEASE do an encyclopedic undertaking of everything REM related. I'm not a REM fan, but if it's anything like UTU2TM then that matters very little. I need more Scott & Scott!! #FoxRox

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