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  1. johnnyflash

    Episode 599 - 10th Anniversary

    Also, I want a Shamenong Man T-shirt, bro!
  2. johnnyflash

    Episode 599 - 10th Anniversary

    Scratching your balls below the table while all the guests notice it? Such a power move! CLASSIC AUKERMAN!
  3. johnnyflash

    Episode 588 - Lil' Choices

    Haven't listened yet, but can't wait -- I really need the Middle D!
  4. johnnyflash

    Episode 587 - No Relation

    that show was infected, yo! (please let's make this a thing!)
  5. johnnyflash

    Episode 15 - Lonely Days

    Yes, me too! Mr. Ianblack (that's his name, right?) really is making sweet sweet love to my ears!
  6. johnnyflash

    Episode 5 - A Little Manliness

    Ahhh, I am glad the forum is now open for this podcast! It is my new favorite thing in the world! Just putting that "out there".
  7. johnnyflash

    Episode 554 - Educainment Squad

    What a line up! Can't wait to pour this tent into my earholes.
  8. johnnyflash

    Episode 532 - Everything Is Horrible and Wonderful

    Yes, I did like my own comment!
  9. johnnyflash

    Episode 532 - Everything Is Horrible and Wonderful

    Stephanie was really great, thanks for inviting her on the show Saucerman! Oh, and good to know: Kate Winslet puts the titular "Tit" in Titanic. So, thanks for that too, Scotty Doggy!
  10. johnnyflash

    Episode 526 - Air Lift Me Out

    I just love how hilarious Horatio Sanz' characters always are, despite him obviously putting close to zero effort into them!
  11. johnnyflash

    Best of 2017 Pt. 4

  12. johnnyflash

    Best of 2017 Pt. 4

    I have not yet listened to this episode --- but (SPOILERS!): It is a grepisode. Strong C+.
  13. johnnyflash

    Best of 2017 Pt. 1 - Nagada: A Star Wars Story

    Can somebody please make a Star Wars poster saying "Featuring Justin Actor as Lord Noverlap"? No? Ok, fine.
  14. johnnyflash

    24 - Songs of Experience

    I am almost tempted to install iTunes just to be able to read the "customer reviews" -- is there any other way to see them? On the iTunes website, I could only see 3 comments -- but they did contain this gem (with which I wholeheartedly agree, needless to say): "This podcast is CRAP! I have no idea why it's so popular save the U2 reference—but it’s not about U2. I'm half way through the first show and all I've heard are boring, meandering stories about the hosts' lives with occasional references to random bands--and sometimes a reference to U2. If you are expecting to hear about U2, don't waste your time. If you are huge fans of these two guys and want to hear insipid stories about their lives you’re in the right place."
  15. I, Scott Aukerman, do hereby declare that all my earthly belongings, including my ex-girlfriend whom I married, shall from this day forth be the property of Johnny Flash the Great, whom I adore deeply.