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Episode 325 - The Comaterium

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Phil Rosenthal, Andy Daly, Katie Dippold and Ari Voukydis join Matt Besser this week for scenes about restaurant patrons ordering as a collective, injured schoolkids with fantastical excuses, and an attempted apology for driving through a barbershop. Plus, a teacher pays a visit to an archaic school board and a villager speaks out against the penis artwork spreading through his town.



(0:37-14:30) Intro Discussion- ‘Sharing Food at a Restaurant’ – A group attempts to find a meal that they

all want to share in a trendy restaurant.


(14:35-25:31) Twitter Suggestion- ‘Cafetorium’- A school nurse struggles to discover if their student’s

wild injuries are real.


(27:40-35:22) Question from Listener- ‘When Was the Last Time You Lost Your Temper?’- A group of

raccoons who run a business collecting people’s old food from their house.


(35:28-47:31) Man on the Street Interview- ‘Interview with an Hair Stylist’- A man who ran his car

through a hair salon’s wall will not apologize for doing so.


(48:24-1:02:47) Grandma’s Memory Book- ‘Grandma’s Old Letters’- A principle tries to reign in the

teachers punishments of the students.


(1:02:54-1:11:52) Crap on Youtube- ‘Penis Art in Bhutan’- A town hall meeting to discuss the rules and

regulations of the penis art within the town.

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"What could the spirits do that would be worse than covering the town in penises?"

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They all were at the top of their game, I felt, barnburner of an ep.

Fave line - "You thrown a snowball at me, I will give you that finger."

Cool to hear Besser take a fellow co-host's live advice to heart (again) and changing his side project name to Professor Besser.

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