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Episode 329 - The First YouTube Video: LIVE from UCB Sunset

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John Gemberling, Gil Ozeri, and Curtis Gwinn join Matt Besser for a live improv4humans! They take a selection of Crap on YouTubes that inspire scenes about a disagreement over a clichéd joke, sharing a manhole fetish on the first date, and an intervention disguised as a Pokémon tournament. Plus, we hear the story of the first elf-reindeer hybrid and the inventors of YouTube share their very first captures.



(0:33-9:58) Crap on Youtube- ‘Man Plans to Launch Himself in Homemade Steam Power Rocket’- A press conference with a man who does not think there is difference between science and science fiction.

(10:12-17:40) Crap on Youtube- ‘News Anchor’s World’s Hottest Chip Challenge’- People argue over the correct punchline to a classic joke.

(17:55-28:55) Crap on Youtube- ‘Last Section of Canadian Highway Found’- A local energy employee gains celebrity for having access to all the towns manholes.

(30:49-40:51) Crap on Youtube- ‘Lawmaker Comes Out as Heterosexual’- A guy who cannot turn down massages from anyone.

(41:10-53:49) Audience Suggestion- Saffron- A man who can only express communicate using Pokémon terminology

(54:05-1:04:35) Crap on Youtube- ‘Santa Fail to Repel’- A Christmas supply store that only sells Elf hats with antlers built in.

(1:04:44-1:14:50) Crap on Youtube- ‘British Man Hit by Soccer Ball’- Reviewing the early mundane videos of YouTube.

(1:15:14-1:23:44) Crap on YouTube- ‘Tips For Making 3 Cheese Pizza’- Over complicated how-to videos

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Laughed the most out of all eps this year, the Pokemon scene took the cake, and the headshot one second into the Isis audition...


Wow, the grainy football video I submitted tanked so bad, it made it to the title (kinda). There was only really humor in it if you account for the guy being one of the most recognized English managers acting out of character.

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"Canada has an asphalt belt, and this is the buckle!" might be my favorite line ever from Crap on YouTube.

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another classic! elf-reindeer and pokemon scenes had me cacklin'


thanks, you guys. my favorite episodes tend to get better upon a second, sometimes third listening

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