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I think I'm starting to really like U2

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I've been listening and re-listening to UTU2TM since it started. I never really cared about U2 but the podcast is one of my all-time faves just because it's so funny. BUT, in the past month or so, I've been re-listening to the podcast and listening more to the actual songs, and it's like hey, this U2 band... they're actually pretty good. It's taken four years but it's starting to sink in. And I actually really like their newer stuff. I think the most recent two albums might be slowly seeping in to cultural relevance (American Soul is being played during the NCAA tournament). Anyway, I had to put this out there somewhere. I think people who love this podcast, it kind of baffles us why we love it so much, it's definitely something that's impossible to explain to other people. "It's this podcast about U2 but it's not really about U2." I'm so happy they're back and doing REM, I'd really like them to actually do Huey Lewis or Billy Joel next. I'd like them to get April Richardson on for REM, and Casey Wilson for Billy Joel.

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