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Mr. Wex

LMFAO Quiz Game

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The members of LMFAO are named Redfoo and SkyBlu. Given that, here are a few questions for my fellow Chart Watchers (and I know we don't watch the show):

What is the largest animal to ever live on Earth?

The 2001 comedy "How High" stars rappers Method Man and _____?

The city of Amsterdam is known for it's legalization of Marijuana and what certain part of the town?

What airline is known for having a "Customers' Bill of Rights"?

and finally:

What are the colors does the flag of the U.S.A. sport?

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Here's are my guesses. Let me know if I passed, and then I can post some more questions for the next person!
1. SkyBlu whale.
2. Redfoo Man.
3. Redfoo light district.
4. JetSkyBlu
5. Redfoo, White and SkyBlue

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Perfect! I'm anxious to see more questions!

Howard, please keep this game going. I really really love it (although my girlfriend is tired of me quizzing her all the time).

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