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Episode 51 - John Flynn - Spotlight On: Nurse Frank Teeple

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Nurse practitioner Frank Teeple (John Flynn) joins Marissa and Listler for this week’s WOMP It Up! During Hot Topix, we’ll hear about Marissa’s job hunt and the starker differences between dog people and cat people. Then, Nurse Frank gets real about his past on a brutal What’s Cheesing You? before they take listener calls about motherhood and more on Listler’s Love Lockdown. Finally, Spotlight On forces Frank to come to terms with what he wants.

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I looooove Womp It Up. But fully 1/3rd of the podcast is now attempted legit relationship advice, in their segment called "Lister's Love Lock-down." Marissa, who is supposed to be a high schooler, suddenly and disconcertingly morphs into 45 year old woman trying to give legit relationship advice. I usually have to fast-forward through this segment now, because the brilliant hosts lose the plot and get self-indulgent and dole out not-meant-to-be-funny relationship advice, as if they are suddenly hosts of a love hotline. Both Marissa and Charlotte are *known* for their own ridiculous, flawed love lives. It de-rails the whole improv comedy thing when they suddenly try to give real advice with the actor's own real brains. I don't get it and I don't like it and I fast-forward it. Unforch, they seem to like to hear themselves expound upon their own advice more and more each week, whereas I think they should cut back on this segment, answering maybe just one letter, and making the advice come from Marissa the teenager, not St. Clair. They could make an off-shoot podcast if they want; just "Lister's Love Lock-Down." I wouldn't listen, but then certain people who like the segment and amateur love advice could get their fix and the brilliant St. Clair and Parham could get their fix of helping people, which is what it has come to sound like they like to indulge in. TL;DR.... Stay in your lane, 'Womp It Up!'

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