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Episode 084: Never Say Never Again with Ben Blacker

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Writer extraordinaire Ben Blacker joins us to deconstruct Connery's unofficial return as Bond in the infamous Thunderball remake!

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Gavan O'Herlihy had bigger roles in Superman III and Willow than you're giving him credit for. In Superman III, he was Lana Lang's ex-husband who Richard Pryor gets drunk to... use his security access or something? In Willow he was Madmartigan's friend who wouldn't save him from the cage and later dies fighting General Kael (play by Never Say Never Again's own Pat Roach!).


Gavan also had a decent sized role in Lonesome Dove as the thief who coerces Jake into joining his gang, getting all of them hanged together. He gets a sign pinned to him saying what a coward he was.

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