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Episode 26 — Jingle All The Way

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Here's what we need:


A 20-year anniversary sequel to Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1996 film, "Jingle All the Way," but it's a Valentine's Day movie. He and his wife had their first date at a Waffle House, where they ate hash browns. Arnold thinks that he needs to recreate this experience in a fancy restaurant and romantic setting for the couple's 25-year anniversary on Valentine's Day. Most of the fancy restaurants are booked solid (see hijinx involving cameos by character actors like Paul Reubens and Patton Oswalt), and those that are not booked refuse to cook the hash browns at their fancy restaurant. Finally, after much hilarity (let's get Sinbad back for the sequel, vying for the same reservations with a ludicrously beautiful wife, like Lisa Bonet), Arnold and his wife (played again by Rita Wilson) finally realize that the magic of that first date came from the humble surroundings of Waffle House and their own immediate connection and love for each other.




("Scattered All the Way" is the way you order hash browns at Waffle House if you want everything on and in them)

This could be the "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle" of movies about bad diners.

Heck, let's forget using Arnold and Sinbad. Let's get people who are kind of like the famous people. Like, Dolph Lundgren and Craig Robinson.

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It's a few days after Halloween, but I don't think it's too soon to go back and listen to this one again. After seeing this one [like five years ago on video] I told a friend of mine that it might be the worst movie I've ever seen. Great episode. I like it when they do a movie I've already seen and thought was terrible {Dreamcatcher being a perfect example}.

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