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61. Do Trust The D in Destiny (w/ Sean Clements, Hayes Davenport)

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Sean Clements and Hayes Davenport aka "The Boys" of Hollywood Handbook join Zach and Jess for a very van der Beek-y musical filled with Joshua Jackson, peak TV, and Eartha Kitt(?!). With songs like "That's What You Know Us From", "Banana King", and "Isn't Life Sweet with James Van Der Beek", you won't be a crying Dawson after listening to this ep. 

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Having seen every episode of "Don't Trust the B...", including the unaired episodes on Netflix, I enjoyed this a lot!

Side note, this never occurred to me before, but I've been watching Disenchantment, and I realized that Jess sounds remarkably similar to Abbi Jacobson.

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