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Episode 374 - Austin Lucas and the Nashville Sads

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Special guest Austin Lucas joins Peter Hulne, Charlie Sanders, and Horatio Sanz for a musical improv4humans! Austin performs songs off his latest album Immortal Americans that inspire spectacular improvised scenes about a man who would die for anyone, a traveling band that gets trapped in their search for a meal, a punk who meets his match in a conservative town, and a doctor who can’t handle knife wounds.


Check out Austin’s latest album here: https://www.austinlucas.com/



(1:44 - 30:55) Let’s Listen to a Song - Shallow Inland Sea [1:54 - 6:18] - 1. A man who would die for anybody (6:19 - 15:14) / 2. Trying to cure a case of the Nashville Sads (15:21 - 30:55)

(30:56 - 45:10) Let’s Listen to Another Song - Four Wheels [31:11 - 34:36] - 1. A traveling band has harrowing experiences in search of a meal (34:37 - 45:10)

(48:28 - 1:08:47) Let’s Listen To Another Song - Immortal Americans [48:49 - 53:03] - 1. A punk meets his conservative match in a barbershop (53:04 - 1:08:47) 

(1:08:55 - 1:22:38) Let’s Listen to Another Song - Happy [1:08:59 - 1:11:48] - Trying to get a knife wound treated when all the hospitals are closing/a doctor who can’t deal with knife wounds (1:11:55 - 1:22:38)


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