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Polar (2019)

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Given the pain of the polar vortex, please review this painful  Netflix January release. Because Lady Gaga and Madonna are the right stepping stones to making an action packed movie. 

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It's weird because the parts with Mads Mikkelson are actually really good and there are some very solid action scenes, but then you cut to the assassins coming after him or the boss and it's clear they were trying to ape John Wick, but didn't understand why John Wick worked. The opening scene with Johnny Knoxville was as close as they got to that style but then they fucked it all up with the villains wearing whatever wigs they wanted, hello random blonde afro wig, did their own makeup, and let they wear the brightest suits imaginable which isn't conducive to being a covert assassin I would think. Also, did none of the villains ever stop to think that they would also be killed by their boss once they reach retirement age, there's no way his plan should have work in the least.

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