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Tie Fighters are like kissing your sister; Skywalkers always end up with one or the other, but only the males. Females on the other hand, they just always kiss the brother. Even when he’s not super into galactic incest.

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Why did this thought enter my brain, and why did I then let it escape my brain through my fingers into a screen and hit a button on said screen to broadcast it to a forum full of people who, while strange and completely devoid of any semblance or moral fortitude, probably aren’t down with incest in space.


whats that? Everyone here loves Star Wars? Especially the sister kissing? What’s that? It’s 1/3 of the people’s literal biggest fantasy?

In that case, enjoy the thing I wrote that you all love because you people are sick fucks with the desires of Bonobo chimps and the brains of some stupider, easier to entertain chimp. Maybe just a bonobo who’s like a REEAAALLLL fuckin’ scumbag.

The type of chimp that just refuses to take “bo-NO-bo” for an answer. 


Fun fact bonobos are super into incest, and also group sex and are the only ape that engages in sex as a reward/means of persuasion/recreational, and also only type that perform oral sex and missionary, and also love to swap partners and the male Bonobos will band together before a hunt and agree to split the bounty as the females only fuck them if they return with food.

BonoBROS  literally help each other get laid. 


I consider them them far more evolved than humans in this regard.

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