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Irish Jam

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What happens when you take the beautiful locales of the Quiet Man, a light dash of Angela's Ashes and then mix it with Undercover Brother? Irish Jam starring Eddie Griffin and Anna Friel. An American rapper wins an Irish poetry contest and the reward is a pub in a small Irish village that is tormented by an evil landlord. None of the actors are Irish, it wasn't shot in Ireland, the Irish currently reject the movie as pretty racist (towards them), and every movie the director John Eyres has done has a score less than 5.0 on IMDB (except for this one rated at 5.1)


It is the right kind of awful - they tried to make a real movie but just kept stacking the bad ideas on top of each other. It's funny but for almost all the wrong reasons.


Even the trailer is unfortunate- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xjusNCw04Y

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