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Episode 455 - Tapas Charting

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Comedian and host of improv4humans Matt Besser returns to Who Charted to celebrate his upcoming stand-up special Pot Humor! We’ll hear Billboard’s Heatseeker Albums, plus a Bonanza quiz and a hot Rock take during the Movie Chart. Later, Besser conquers the Hot Picks with his own specially curated chart, treating our ears to some of the best new music out there.


Pre-order Pot Humor here.

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Hey guys!

FYI, Bonanza happens in Nevada. The Ponderosa Ranch is just East of Incline Village, NV.  It is at Tahoe, though. Also, the Comstock Lode happened in Virginia CIty, NV, which is where the Carwrights go when they talk about "going into town" or whatever--which is funny, because it would be a couple of days ride by horse from the Ponderosa to VC.

Also, the Donner Party traveled 12 miles north of Tahoe, on what is now I-80, through Truckee. There is a serious mountain range in between,

Love the show, just trying to help out!




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