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Episode 127 - How Can We Twerk on Climate Change? with Bill Nye The Science Guy

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Jonathan is joined by climate advocate, TV personality, and Science Guy Bill Nye.  The two discuss an array of topics including green algae, renewable energy and how to make climate change a major talking point in the 2020 election.

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 This time's guest was a little bit disappointing. First of all, war is not something that can be taken for granted, but something that should never happen again. The "relatively less" number of people killed by gun violence per day cannot be justified by the widespread human greed and ignorance of communication (the respect for one another's differences) at wartime in the PAST! Moreover, if there is ONE person who became a victim of domestic gun violonce, it should be on the table and we do our best to prevent further tragedies, which are basically taking someone's "life" away. It is obvious that life is something to be cherished. "Numbers" can't lessen its severity. 

 Second of all, sometimes, "changing the world" demands to change the fundamentals. This is beside the climate change, but actually my country changed the president about 4 years ago. Faulty policies, privatization, tax problems, educational problems (especially the history about Japanese colonialism), and so many have changed for the better because the huge crowd didn't hesitate to make a huge change. We went out with our candles every night until the government hears our silent resistence and our demands are met. If we didn't do anything just because it is about the constitutions, the fundamental things, none of it would've happened. What needs to be changed has to be changed.

 Women couldn't vote and even get a proper education not so long ago. African Americans couldn't have the same basic human rights as white people have. LGBT people couldn't get married and there was the time when they had to repress who they are as the soctiety didn't approve their "lifestyle choices". We all know that these people, not only them but also all the human beings, are entiltled to celebrate their authentic selves by common sense. But all of these remarkable changes didn't happen in a day. Some people do challenge the fundamentals one day at a time, little by little. Size doesn't matter when it comes to change. I believe it's about doing something about it, just a little bit of try.

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