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Front page updates slow on PCs

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I've noticed that there always seems to be a delay of at least an hour or so before the front page displays new podcasts. I have noticed this happening in Chrome, Firefox, and IE so it doesn't seem to be a browser issue. However when I view the pages on my smartphone it is always perfectly up to date. Also there is no problem on the individual programs' pages.


So today, for example, I went to the front page 5 minutes ago and it was still displaying Ronna & Beverly, Sklarbro Country, and Totally Laime, No Comedy Bang Bang, Cracked, or new Yo! Is This Racist? episodes. I was able to download them by print holiday postcards for mailing clicking on "SHOWS" and then going to the ones I wanted, so it didn't seriously inconvenience me, but obviously it isn't supposed to work that way.


Has anyone else experienced the same issue????

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