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If I Ever See You Again (1978)

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 Dir. Joe Brooks

Wr. Joe Brooks & Martin Davidson

Starring: Joe Brooks and Shelley Hack

The guy who wrote "You Light Up My Life" by Debby Boone wrote, directed, and starred in this movie. In fact, he also wrote and directed the MOVIE "You Light Up My Life," of which the song was written for. He stars as a fictional version of himself, essentially, who's past love keeps gaslighting him and that's supposed to be cute, I guess. She wants to date him, then doesn't, then does, then doesn't, then does. Meanwhile he's miserable even though he makes a lot of money. Speaking of this film, there’s a song in it called California, that was going to be the title of the film, and Debby Boone recorded a song with the same name for the film. It only charted at #50 on the Billboard charts and was dropped from the official soundtrack. Roberta Flack recorded a version of the title song, but that version was also not on the soundtrack. She's said that she hated the song and only did it for a lot of money. Anyway the movie is littered with goofy songs he wrote and sweeping, sappy orchestral filler. It’s almost more of a showcase of his songwriting than a film with a plot. One song is about writing commercial jingles and the contrast between it and the shitty acting is hilarious. It’s almost got dialogue reminiscent of The Room, but not QUITE that bad. You know how in The Room, there’s a lot of scenes of nothing sandwiched between musical score? Ok, same thing here.

If you don't know who Joe Brooks is, I suggest a Google search because he's a fascinating guy, for not-so-great reasons. He wrote a lot of commercial jingles and later in life (2009), was charged with over 90 counts of rape or sexual assault as part of a casting-couch scam he worked up with his personal assistant. He committed suicide before the trial, I believe. He also wrote songs for musicians and a bonkers musical in the early 2000's. He seemed like a real piece of shit. His son is in prison for murdering his then-girlfriend (the son's, that is).

FUN FACT: Shelley Hack is probably best known for starring in the commercial for the perfume "Charlie." So, hell of an actress.

I would provide some second opinions, but the movie was released in VHS and nothing else since, so I don't think it would even be on Amazon. However, I did find the movie on YouTube here, if you're interested. Some people in the comments seems to give the film high praise. I don't get it. It's a very bland, bad movie. Also, Joe Brooks deserves to be shamed for the creepy fuck he was. 

Has anyone else actually seen this film? I had only heard about it recently and that's how I stumbled across the film on YouTube, and I watched the whole thing and also fell asleep.


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