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Episode 49 - Jack Black

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Actor/musican Jack Black feels shitty about being Conan O’Brien’s friend.


Jack and Conan sit down to talk about the 1999 pilot Heat Vision and Jack, laying down hot tracks with Jack White, bringing the energy to max performing with Tenacious D, the greatest mobile golf game, and the later films of Ruth Gordon. Plus, Conan issues another State of the Podcast address.


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All I could think about during the nitrous tangent was how this is a real company: http://www.balgas.com

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Loved this episode. Also, I’m wondering if when Conan refers to bobcats in his podcasts if he means mountain lions? Bobcats are relatively small and usually not a threat to people, unless you’re a small child. I believe the story referred to of a man killing a bobcat was actually a mountain lion- there was in the last year a story of a man who was attacked and able to cut off the mountain lions airway with his arm. At least that’s the story I know of.  And the reference to having to fight a mountain lion on a mountain bike would be accurate- a mountain lion attacked two mountain bikers one or two years ago in the Pacific Northwest, one of whom was killed. 

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