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The most fascinating thing about this movie is probably that the director, Mark Pellington, said he got to make exactly the film he wanted to make. Nobody made him change anything. He is convinced that it is ahead of its time and in a decade the world will be singing the praises of his lost work of art.


That isn't going to happen to a movie about a bunch of forty-something assholes who are convinced that the fact that they loved The Clash and The Jesus and Mary Chain in their 20s makes them interesting and special.


There is a "twist," about 45 moody broody montage pieces and it is on Netflix




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I actually got this disc from Netflix as soon as it came out, and you're right, everyone in this thing is a total asshole. Not since I watched Southland Tales has a movie FELT as long as this, and really, what is Carla Gugino doing here if she isn't showing tits? Also, I wonder how much money they spent to license all the music, because there was no way this thing was ever hitting theaters.

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