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465: ATTITUDES! Regeneron and Fetal Tissue Testing, Amy Coney Barrett, Guest Starlee Kine

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On the inaugural episode of ATTITUDES! Bryan and Erin get into the latest: Trump’s ‘recovery’ from coronavirus, with the help of a treatment that was tested on fetal tissue, all while the administration tries to shut the door on further testing. Then, foul highlights from the confirmation hearing of Amy Coney Barrett, who refuses to answer questions about her stance on gay marriage. But hang on! Writer and producer Starlee Kine (Mystery Show) joins in to talk about her returning podcast Election Profit Makers, tales from her run-in with the cult of Radical Honesty, and so much more.

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Just a shoutout: Love you guys!! You guys are so funny and with good, empathetic, and smart commentary. 

Side note: the past few days I found myself trying to find your podcast on my app then when I looked carefully I found out you changed your name from Throwing Shade to Attitudes, was so relieved

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