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C.I.Ape (2021?)

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Every year in L.A., the American Film Marketplace brings together hundreds of filmmakers, film producers, film distributors, and others, to try and close deals for films made outside the studio system. It's where people raise money by pre-selling a movie based on the stars they have, or try and sell finished films to distributors all over the world. Some absolutely crazy projects are there at various stages of development, and as I was perusing some of the catalogs from this year, I came across the attached poster.


This is 100% a real movie which was filmed in Oklahoma and is now seemingly looking for distribution. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11465692/reference?ref_=tt_mv_close

The official synopsis from the AFM catalog: "In the world of espionage, some missions require an agent with a unique set of skills, possessing not just bravery but an ability to melt even the most villainous heart. This is a job for C.I.Ape! The 1st ever chimpanzee joining the C.I.A. When a criminal plot is discovered, the C.I.A. turns to him, their most unique operative to foil the plot from the inside. With the Council of Crime’s conspiracy to develop a high-tech weapon thus infiltrated, C.I.Ape and his team fight fire with fire by launching a high-tech plan of their own. Their ingenious act of sabotage brings down the plan and destroys the nefarious weapon, but results in collateral damage in the form of a lonely girl. Rescuing the girl with the simple act of friendship, C.I.Ape proves he’s unparalleled when it comes to espionage of the heart."

No trailer yet, but I felt like the world of HDTGM needed to know about this movie early ;)


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