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Did HDTGM destroy Gabrielle Niebauer?

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Full disclosure, I’m really behind on the podcast. But I just watched Governor Gabbi and listened to the episode and I was left wanting to know EVERYTHING about this movie. 

In looking this up I have learned that since the podcast came out, Gabrielle Niebauer has changed her name on IMDB to “Gia Jones” and the podcast Paul refers to in which she discusses Governor Gabbi being a trilogy has been scrubbed from the internet, most likely at her request. It was episode 77 of the Random Thoughts podcast, but now the episodes go from 76 to 78. 

So... is it possible that she thought she was making GOOD movies, only to be disillusioned by the attention brought by HDTGM and has retreated from her real identity??

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Oh they definitely thought they were making good movies at some point, and I think the planned trilogy really sends that home.

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