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What the hell? This video just enrages me. Partly because of this horrible specimen of humanity, and partly because she's shooting video in portrait.


The powers to be of the internet have gotten on the rage train too and are starting to give some due attention to how remarkably composed that cashier was (how he held back on just telling her to hold her phone sideways and shoot in landscape though, we'll never know) : http://www.thesmokinggun.com/buster/viral-video/polite-dunkin-donuts-worker-768402

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Miss Utah on income disparity between men & women:


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Guy cutting things with a katana, I think the audio alone is pretty funny.


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It's a long video, but you could start it from pretty much any point and get the gist of it.

British talk show has a guest on, a mother, who won't let her kids play with other kids based on their names. (No "Tylers" or "Brandons".) Super classist, super snooty and snobbish. Also, if you go later in the video, she talks about how she won't allow "geographic locations, like Brooklyn or London..." and then it's revealed that one of her daughter's names is INDIA.

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