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Gratitude Lists!

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1. More brisket!

2. Got plenty of sleep

3. Our baby has made it to 6 months--i.e., we have somehow managed to keep him alive and healthy for half a year!

4. Client called looking for help--big new assignment coming soon.

5. Trip to the gym--something that doesn't happen nearly as often as it used to.

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1. 6 month checkup for the boy--he's healthy and developing just as he should

2. Client loved my suggestions for a project

3. These Important Years by Husker Du

4. Jameson's Irish Whiskey

5. A lobster roll is in my future this weekend

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1) Great sushi lunch with wife and baby followed by a nice walk in perfect weather.

2) Insanely happy baby over the past 48-72 hours. Lots of smiles, laughing and general good mood (apart from when we try to put him down for a nap. Life may be too fun for naps at the moment.)

3) Great night at our place eating crappy Chinese food with friends.

4) Another trip to the gym--this may become a habit again

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1)The fact that I get to work part time when my daughter arrives

2) I get to host a pub quiz every week

3) My wife seems to be handling pregnancy very well thus far (knock on wood).

4) My big comfy hoodie in cold weather.

5) My big dumb ole dog.

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