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Gratitude Lists!

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Hi All!


On today's show we shared our gratitude lists for that day and promised to put them here for a week, asking you to join in. Here is mine for today and I'll remind Dave to post his as well.


1. I'm grateful for everyone who spent 37 minutes of their lives listening to us today.

2. I'm grateful that I didn't die in a car accident yesterday (really did almost happen).

3. I'm grateful for Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles.

4. I'm very grateful for my wonderful wife who I just celebrated my 3 year anniversary with yesterday.

5. I'm grateful that I no longer think I have all the answers.


That's it. What are you grateful for today?

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Okay, I'll give it a try


1. I'm grateful for my coworkers who were so kind to me yesterday on my last day

2. I'm grateful for my hobbies that will keep my busy during funemployment

3. I'm grateful for an old friend from high school who is letting me borrow her sewing machine

4. I'm grateful for air conditioning

5. I'm very grateful for my wonderful partner who supports me even when I do something crazy like quit my job

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I will play along with my big brother ;)


My gratitude list:


1. I am grateful for my cozy home.

2. I am grateful for my space heater to keep my feet warm at work (even in the summer).

3. I am grateful for good food to eat.

4. I am grateful for emails with beautiful pics & videos of my neice, Arden.

5. I am grateful for warm hugs.

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Since I've already gushed too much about my love of Earwolf, Podcasts and this new show, but I will say that number one would probably be being grateful for Jeff Ullrich.


1. I am grateful that my wife is stronger than I am.

2. I am grateful for my sister's family and their dedication to mine.

3. I am grateful for Yoga and how our three year old has taken to it.

4. I am grateful for Penguin Publishing and the monthly, lovely checks we get for my wife's various books (which means I am also thankful to all those lovely readers).

5. I am grateful for our local library and the thousands of kid's books we get from there.

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Why is this so hard to do!?


1. I am grateful for my wife who works her ass off at something she loves to do while supporting me doing something I love to do (and which mostly pays nothing.)

2. I am grateful for the swimming pool we heading out to in a few minutes. Seeing my kids enjoy their summer makes me happy.

3. I am grateful for being creative.

4. I am grateful for Earwolf. Comedy (and podcasts especially) is so therapeutic to me. When life seems insurmountable, comedy has always been there to pull me out. Earwolf gives this to me almost everyday for free. It is truly a gift.

5. I am grateful for my Citalopram.

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I'm not a dad, am I still allowed to do one?


1. I'm grateful for a mother who is so endlessly supportive of me and what I do.

2. I'm grateful that I'm getting to spend my time EXACTLY the way I want to spend it.

3. I'm grateful to live in a city that offers me endless opportunities to have fun.

4. I'm grateful that in living here 10 short months, I already have a handful of friends who I would do anything for.

5. I'm grateful for a job that makes me excited to get out of bed in the mornings.

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Thanks for everyone has already posted, and for the kind words. I hope there are few more who are doing it privately too.


I'll work on getting Dave on here too :)


My list for today:


1. I'm grateful for Earwolf listeners

2. I'm grateful for all the talented people who work with us

3. I'm grateful for the car wash I just got (first one since I bought the car 7 months ago, it was gross)

4. I'm grateful that my sister in-law is awesome and lives 20 minutes away (only family within 2,000 miles)

5. I'm grateful that my wife makes my life so much easier than it deserves to be

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Here's today's list, in 2 minutes since Arden is waking up:


1. I'm STILL grateful for my thoughtful and tolerant wife.

2. I'm grateful for my daughters grandparents for being so helpful and loving during this time.

3. I'm grateful for James Adomian and his new album Low Hangin Fruit.

4. I'm grateful to have Scott as a partner in Earwolf.

5. I'm grateful to be taking the next several hours off from work!

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The Sunday edition of my gratitude list:


1. While it may be too meta, I'm very grateful I have the time to write my gratitude list today!

2. I'm grateful for Ronna & Beverly

3. I'm grateful some old friends I haven't seen for a long time are coming over to hang out today.

4. I'm grateful for the 6am wakeup call I got from Arden this morning that gave me the chance to spend 2 hours with her this morning.

5. I'm grateful for Frank Cappello and all the great work he does with our store, shipments and the CBB Tour work he did. Thanks Frank!

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This morning I am so so so grateful for coffee. Seriously you guys, where would dads be without this?


Also grateful that my wife has a job she loves that pays for the roof over our heads.

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Gratitude lists exist for days like today...hopefully we'll get through it. Tough day for 5 of them.


1. I'm grateful that my sense of being overwhelmed is coming from amazing opportunities rather than petty drama.

2. I'm grateful for all the things that our team does so I don't have to.

3. I'm grateful for my friends Rob & Jessica and that they made the drive out to visit us yesterday.

4. I'm grateful for Breaking Bad.

5. I'm grateful for FaceTime.

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With apologies/thanks to Wie-wie, here's my list of Summah Gratitude:


1. I'm grateful for my wife, who infuriates and delights me daily, and who has slowly helped me mold myself from a 23-year old boy to a 39-year old almost-man.

2. I'm grateful to have lived in Austin since the early 80s. It was a wonderful place to grow up, and it remains a wonderful place to live.

3. I'm grateful that my son's lump was benign and that he weathered the surgery that nearly derailed this summah like a champ.

4. I'm grateful that my daughter has almost completely recovered from her MRSA infection (yeah, it's been a crazy summah).

5. I'm grateful that my sister survived her brain surgery (you guessed it - this summah too!) and is also on the road to full recovery.

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Here is yesterday's list - I wrote it down but didn't have time to post!


1. I'm grateful for Fix Coffee.

2. I'm grateful for the internet! (just not everyone who uses it, but most)

3. I'm grateful for Bored to Death, seasons 2 & 3.

4. I'm grateful for our great friends at Funny or Die.

5. I'm grateful for all the great feedback we've received for Love, Dad.

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Here's my list for Wednesday:


1. I'm grateful for my wife who is 10 times the Mom than I am a Dad.

2. I'm grateful for the opportunities in my life.

3. I'm grateful that I don't need or want things that cost money.

4. I'm grateful that Lou Malnati's pizza from Chicago ships nationally.

5. I'm grateful for podcasting peers who reach out to shoot the shit.

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I have a Wednesday list here. Too soon to make the call on today!

1. Family and friends who took the time out of their day to celebrate my son's birthday.

2. Air conditioning!

3.The 7 hours I spend PLAYING WITH MY KIDS.

4. Social Networking. Seriously, I was able to send and recieve instant pics and birthday messages to and from my son yesterday with family who live too far away. That really was awesome.

5. Iced Coffee. Coffee will almost always make list.

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My first Gratitude List, I'm a little behind:

  1. I have a great job that I love that gives me good benefits.
  2. My wife is still enduring a job that she doesn't care for which takes away from her time with her daughter to keep the family afloat until we find something better.
  3. No matter how bad my day is or how sad I am, my daughter never fails to cheer me up. She's just into the habit of giving me hugs and kisses when I get home from work and it's great!
  4. My extended family that's incredibly supportive and available to watch the kid when my wife and I would like some time alone.
  5. My daughter wants to play with me a lot. Growing up I didn't have very many friends and no one in my family wanted to play with me very often, so it feels great to have that connection with someone and being able to provide that connection with her.

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Yesterday's list:


1. I'm grateful for new opportunities.

2. I'm grateful for the hour I got to see Arden last night.

3. I'm grateful that I'm relatively healthy.

4. I'm grateful that people seemed to like episode 2 of the show

5. I'm grateful for the new shows we have coming out.

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List for today!


1. I'm grateful that Jeff Ulrich takes the time to do these gratitude lists.

2. I'm grateful for pay checks being a bit larger than anticipated.

3. I'm grateful for moving to a bigger house in 4 days. (will have my own office space!)

4. Grateful that my kids are healthy.

5. Grateful for Hazelnut Creamer.

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Oh man, Hazelnut creamer. Good call.




1. Comedy podcasts on a Monday morning. The double-dose of CBB and Walking The Room = happiness.

2. The Internet

3. My mother-in law, who made dealing with my kids' illnesses and interrupted camps this summer so much easier.

4. Vietnamese food (A big bowl of Bun with charcoal grilled pork and egg rolls, in particular)

5. Netflix Instant

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Weekend Edition:


1. I'm grateful I had the balls to NOT work the entire weekend.

2. I'm grateful I survived the weekend without working, proving I can do it again.

3. I'm grateful for our babysitter Edina.

4. I'm grateful for Breaking Bad, yet again (no one said you can't list the same thing more than once!)

5. I'm grateful my daughter is always in a good mood (except when it's 100 degrees without AC).

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Moving day.


Today I am grateful for:


1) Friends with big trucks.

2) my sister in law who agreed to watch my 4 kids while I make trips.

3) The fact that each of my kids have their own bedroom.

4) Living 5 minutes away from everything going on in Olympia.

5) my French press!

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Bonus: I'm grateful for the edit button that lets me remove dumb duplicate posts.

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1. I'm grateful for my own Dad.

2. I'm grateful for the many opportunities my kids give me to test my problem solving skills.

3. I'm grateful for school starting again.

4. I'm grateful for my new house.

5. I'm grateful for the 7 coffee stands located just 5 minutes from this house.

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1. My dad (thanks for the reminder, Chase)

2. My mom

3. This shitty week is nearly over.

4. Pete Holmes and You Made It Weird (go Earwolf and all, but Pete's currently my fav)

5. My ability for complete and total sloth with zero guilt. When I read about people beating themselves up for not being constantly productive, I feel really bad for them. Embrace the laze!

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9/19--Over the past 24 hours:


1. Amazing brisket cooked by my wife.

2. A ton of classical music for 99 cents on Amazon.

3. Baby slept for 8 hours!

4. No trees fell over during a huge overnight wind/rain storm, and no basement flooding.

5. New brakes in the car. Loads of money spent, but feels great to know the car will stop when asked.


FWIW, I find that focusing on really specific gratitudes from the previous 24 hours is especially helpful and rewarding to think about.

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