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Watched this the other day, the jokes and writing dont particularly stand the test of time all that well. But the creature effects and prosthetics that are clearly designed after the artwork of Ed Roth are still pretty impressive, especially given the budget.

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What I remember about this fever dream of a movie:

  • Randy Quaid
  • Alex Winter
  • A freak show
  • Gross and disgusting in the way only movies from the late 80s and early 90s could be
  • There was a giant gross worm
  • There is a character that has a sock for a head (I believe their name is "sockhead")
  • Everything looks sweaty
  • It has a twist ending cameo with Brooke Shields (I think this was actually my first exposure to Brooke Shields)

It's a disgusting, terrible movie I for some reason had a morbid fascination with when I was 6 years old. I think mostly, because, it was on heavy rotation on HBO.

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I just found this movie, and also found hdtgm not that long ago. This movie would be perfect. What in the fuck is this movie? 


If you want to rewatch it, it's on YouTube for free 

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I LOVE this movie. I know parts of it don't hold up but I'm hard pressed to remember exactly which ones. Oh, I guess the cheap homophobic jokes are a turn off, and some of the dialogue is too corny to be funny, but by god, does that part with the milkmen disguises bring me right back on board. My favorite fun fact is that Mr. T left partway through filming and they had to get a fake T.

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