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  1. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Assassins (1995)

    I'd completely forgotten about Stallone's cast gun. Those silenced shots are hilarious though, they sound like shots from an airsoft rifle. I also love that Banderas has what appears to be the tiniest sniper rifle ever made.
  2. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Assassins (1995)

    They have to do this movie at some point. It's easily one of my favorite Banderas roles, and it also has some delightfully terrible attempts at portraying hacking.
  3. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Frozen (2010)

    No, not the one with Elsa and Co. This one is about 3 unlikable characters getting trapped in a chair lift over a long weekend with hilarious results. There is so much unintentional comedy in this movie it's hard to know where to start. Between this and The Ruins, it appears that Shawn Ashmore is trying to make horror movies with only one location his niche.
  4. Ofcoursemyhorse

    I Love Trouble (1994)

    It's pretty amazing to me that Nick Nolte had more onscreen sexual chemistry with Martin Short in Three Fugitives than he ever did with Julia Roberts in this.
  5. Ofcoursemyhorse

    The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999)

    Yea its pretty inconceivable that the director didnt at some point tell him to just "be himself" in his performance. It seems pretty spot on, also his character almost seems as if its the same character as his Home Improvement role. I remember being deeply confused as to how she was supposed to be related to the original Carrie. I know they explained it at some point, but I cant for the life of me remember the circumstances around it.
  6. Ofcoursemyhorse

    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)

    Watched Queen of the Damned recently and it made me think about this movie and Stuart Townsend in particular. It's pretty hilarious how obvious that they hired him and basically just told him to do a repeat of his performance as Lestat for his Dorian Grey role. He's so absurdly over the top, he's easily one of the more entertaining characters in the movie. He almost matches Richard Roxburgh in Van Helsing levels of camp in this movie.
  7. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Going Under! (1991)

    I would argue that Down Periscope and Mchales Navy are equally watchable as this. Maybe even less so, i'd rather watch a movie with Bill Pullman as lead over Kelsey Grammar and Tom Arnold.
  8. Ofcoursemyhorse

    The Willies (1990)

    Have to bump this, I think it'd be fun for them to do an anthology horror movie for Halloween. This one seems like an obvious pick just because it'd be great if they could get Doug Benson to be the guest on the episode and talk about his experiences on the movie. I know I said the one with Donkeylips was my favorite but I have to retract that and go with the first one. Its just so completely ridiculous and over the top, the fact that the bulk majority takes place in a bathroom makes it even better.
  9. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo (1984)

    Recently re-watched the SNL with Billie Eilish as the musical guest, I love her music but good lord it's amazing how much better the rotating room was executed in this movie than when she did it on SNL. Unless i'm mistaken they had to strap the girl who entered mid-dance to the wall and do her hair with enough hairspray where it would stay put even when she was rotated upside down.
  10. Ofcoursemyhorse

    The Beastmaster (1982)

    Worth noting that Dar's romantic interest in this movie is his cousin.
  11. Ofcoursemyhorse

    The Golden Child (1986)

    They should absolutely do this movie, it's fun and terrible at the same time. I also owned this movie on VHS as a kid so i've probably seen this movie over 30 times at least. I can pretty much play the entire movie in my mind scene for scene.
  12. Ofcoursemyhorse

    The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999)

    Only redeeming thing about this movie was Garbage's Push It being on the soundtrack which I still blast unabashedly from my car to this day.
  13. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Rock-A-Doodle (1991)

    I recently re-watched both The Jetsons Movie and The Jetstones Meet The Flintstones and I had similar revelations.
  14. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Twisted Pair (2018)

    Unfortunately he actually hired struggling actors and actresses for at least this and Fateful Findings. I remember seeing the teenage girl in Fateful Findings on an episode of The Goldbergs.
  15. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Carnosaur (1993)

    yea my child brain wasn't ready for that ending. It'd be the equivalent of B.D. Wong knocking down a door and murdering Allen, Ellie and Ian at the end of the movie.