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Episode 2 — White People Using The N-Word

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I hope drama on message boards (which I sadly feel the need to respond to) doesn't change anything about this podcast or lead to some insane closing of any threads in the future. I'm pretty sure it and Earwolf as a whole are just supposed to be fun and funny.

That being said - Cellar Door, is your argument "If you're white and you sub a different word in while rapping along with a song because the n-word is not something you're comfortable using, you're a bigot and in fact bigoted against white people?" Because that's what it seems to add up to. And it's silly. None of us is trying to make any word illegal for any group to use. In other words, your #3 does not apply because I'm not telling white people they aren't allowed to do anything, we were all talking about how we, individually, feel about our personal use of words and deal with a word we don't feel comfortable using. It's not like I'd feel comfortable using it if I was in a group of people who told me they were fine with the word. But no one who does use the word or ANY WORD has the right to make other people feel anything about the speaker's use of the words in question, even if you flawlessly use logic to justify it. thestray said it perfectly, you're either ignorant of or willingly disregarding context. And I suggested you favored the ARGUMENT that racists use against BET, not that you actually want a White Entertainment Television. Your axioms do, in fact, argue for "Why can't there be a White Entertainment Television if there's a BET?"

This was rambly and unnecessary. I'll just close by pointing out the irony of "Unless your going to... this stupid debate it over" followed by telling somebody "Think before you type dude. So fucking dumb." I know "it" was a typo, but you + are = you're, not your and you used "your" incorrectly in more than one place in that post, leading to me to believe you haven't mastered that distinction yet. Sorry, I know that was petty and nerdy of me.

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@thestray-- Let's you and I leave this dumbass alone. He's horribly misinformed, and will get punched in the face before long for being such a dipshit. And you know what, he's 21, which is a baby, and hopefully someday he'll learn and grow and look back at what a hateful little fucker he used to be. Until then, perhaps you will join me in feeling sorry for his pathetic racist ass.

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oh I'm really scared of physical violence even though I'm a fucking nihilist.

And if you disagree you should be killed as you are being racist, and no racist deserves to live.


You are goddamned brilliant. This shit is what makes Internet comments great. Thanks for making me laugh, it really brightened my day.

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Stop replying to this asshole, I'm banning him now. He was warned and refused to stop writing garbage all over this place. He just posted in one Prof. Blastoff thread about the guests "nice tits" and one sentence later said he wished sexism would end.


I'm 1000% done.


If anyone sees him pop back up under a different pseudonym to start fights, please report him to me. Thanks.

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