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In the spirit of sticking with the movie poster theme, and showcasing LITERALLY one of the worst flicks we've had the pleasure of hearing you destroy, it's my pleasure to present to you, this. Enjoy!





PS. I still feel like my mind, body, and soul was raped by this production... thanks for fighting back!

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Hi! I'm new to the forum and a big fan. I'm graphic designer and have been listening to the show since the beginning. Here is a semi-minimalist logo.





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I'm starting to think this contest is a DamonCarltonAndAPolarBear-style bit of surrealist comedy, and Paul's requests on the minisodes will start growing ever more specific:

"Please avoid using green in your logo submission, since Jason suffers bouts of vertigo whenever he is exposed to the color green."
"We would like to announce that we are changing the name of the show to
Did This Get Made? All future logo submissions should incorporate cows in some manner."
"Guys, due primarily to arguments that occurred during the logo judging process, June and I have decided to separate. Please...oh god...please only submit logos featuring Jason and myself from now on. [sobbing]"

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These are fantastic. Was going to take a crack at it, but I don't think I can top some of these... Nice work, Literallati!


I'll be sad to see the current logo go, though... I always thought it was clever, with "How Did This Get Made" referring to Paul's baby bump. Were Arnie's people threatening to sue, or is it just time for a change? (If it's the former, I doubt any of these doctored movie poster submissions will get picked, as great as they are).

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