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Episode 5 — Permission and Trust

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On this week’s episode of Seth Godin’s Startup School we learn how to build a community and gain their trust. Seth discusses how easily you can become paralyzed in the pursuit of perfect, starting with people who value the thing you can do as opposed to pretending to be someone else, why launching is overrated, and how Kickstarter works.

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i had only half a page of notes from this session. i just could not extract many things that i felt were valuable from this episode. my attention kept drifting. i also feel like i'm going to need to rewrite my notes after this series is finished, so all notes follow a logical order that i can use when planning the business. anyone else share these feelings?

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Here are my outline notes on this episode. Might be useful to someone else:



Build a tribe one day at a time, one email/post at a time

Write stuff that is useful to your tribe - not you

Follow a path to where you want to go. Every day should get you closer to your goal

Launch before you are perfect - keep improving

Big launches in connection economy are not that important

Build trust with your customers/tribe

The attention that you build is the asset - it can be leveraged in numerous ways

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