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Episode 16 — The Talkabout

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Today Jeff is joined by fellow Earwolf podcaster and special guest Jason Sklar as they discuss fatherhood. Jason tells us about chatting with his son before bed with a series of talkabouts, getting him into music on drives to school, and putting his son’s needs before his. Also, Jason talks about how his wife is better at getting their son unstuck when he’s battling, the importance of innocent lying, and looking forward to finding out what kind of person he will grow up to be. Happy Thanksgiving!

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well, consider me a new fan of Jason Sklar! i've heard about the Sklar bros, but have never really actually heard them (maybe has something to do with having a couple of kids and work occupying much of my time and limiting my podcast listening!). his son sounds a lot like my older son, and i think the "talkabouts" is very cute, and actually a great idea for bedtime. i'm all for anything that involves them and gives them a goal to reach before bed.


i also wanted to weigh in on the college debate. i remember when Jeff said in an early episode that he is pretty much against the idea of Arden (did i spell that right?) going to college, so his bias was fairly clear here. i'm pretty much in the middle, and thought Jason had some excellent points. in my career, i haven't really made full use of my university degree, but i value the experience i had over those 4 years. i do somewhat regret not living on campus and fully experiencing that life, but that wasn't that big a deal for me.


the last thing i wanted to mention was how it really hit home with me when you guys were discussing how you wonder what kind of person your child will be...i think about that a lot, and it's thrilling and scary at the same time!


great, great episode!

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