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  1. lherman

    Best of 2015 Pt. 4

    Ok serious request: can we have a Scotty and PFT spinoff podcast where they just analyze the shitty toys of their youths? The Mr Microphone bit and the toy they talked about this year were a few of my favourite bits of banter (and that says a lot because their interactions are gold all the time!)
  2. lherman

    Episode 100 — Junior

    i gotta say my stomach dropped a bit when they said not to name a baby Rafi, because i actually *do* have a son named Rafi! but he was born before i knew anything about the league, or zouks, so i think i'm okay!
  3. lherman

    Episode 96 — Monkey Shines

    this is exactly what i was thinking too as i tried to wrap my head around this argument. a classic HDTGM exchange!
  4. lherman

    Episode 303 — Puttering Around

    if anyone is making a sound effects album and uses the effects in this episode, PLEASE do not name them, despite Scott imploring you to give them detailed names. some of us want to remain spoiler-free with sound effects and want to decide for ourselves what we're hearing.
  5. I also noticed that conversation between the maintenance workers (about the missing gloves leading the other to ask "what are you, afraid of the dark?" I also loved how people responded to things in really weird ways. Like the kid says "the bales tower hotel is the second tallest hotel in North America" (or something like that) and fin just says "exactly". Another favourite line of mine is the kid talking about his boarding school (further proof they love in or near NYC): "it's built like a brick prison".
  6. lherman

    Announcing Earwolf's New CEO

    Jeff, you are a class act all the way. To share with the readers here, 2 years ago, some friends and I decided to sponsor $100 for a friend's birthday. Jeff emailed me back directly and arranged the shout out. Then, when there was an unfortunate technical snafu with the recording, he emailed me with his personal phone number so I could call him and discuss how he would make it right. He offered to refund the money (I refused, because as someone who works in media, I know that sh*t happens sometimes, and it was important that we still wanted to support Earwolf. I wasn't going to be petty because of a mistake/technical problem). Instead, he sent my friend a poster and a couple of shirts, and had Howard and Kulap (obviously we had sponsored Who Charted) record a personalized greeting to my friend and emailed me the audio recording. Needless to say, my friend was thrilled by this. Jeff - your actions earned a permanent fan. I always remember the integrity of Earwolf and try to support you guys, whether it's by buying one of the "I (heart) podcasts" shirts, or going to the CBB live show and buying the live shows from the other cities. All the best in your future endeavours!
  7. lherman

    Episode 179 — She's Upton, Not Uptight

    Armen said that Paul Rust has been a mentor to him. New no no: Armen is the mentor now!
  8. lherman

    Episode 176 — Hot Gomer Pyle

    So am I the first to notice that Natasha referred to the tweeter "Bruce Wayne" as spelled different from the Incredible Hulk? That was on par with last week's "fonzie bear"-gate!
  9. lherman

    Episode 174.5 — 4/4/14 TWO CHARTED 113

    i wish i knew! i think it's from spring/summah 2012?
  10. lherman

    Episode 174.5 — 4/4/14 TWO CHARTED 113

    what??? lol, just kidding my all-time fave howie moment was when kulap asked him if he stays in touch with Zooey Deschanel after their Funny or Die video: "we don't really keep in touch, but we DO...not keep in touch at all"
  11. interesting topic this week. i was reminded of someone i know who is into "alternative" medicine and believes in a grand conspiracy by "big pharma". this person also believes the claims by a very shady sounding guy who pushes essential oils. so she takes one guy's claim at face value with only anecdotal evidence, refuses to accept real evidence about the effectiveness of regulated medications and doesn't hold this scammer up to the same level of scrutiny...it's maddening! oh, and as a Torontonian, loved the mention of rob ford. i've been listening to his supporters scream about bias and conspiracies against him for almost 4 years now and they just won't accept that their guy is just unfit to be mayor. one thing i don't recall hearing addressed on the podcast, though, was the technical difficulties associated with trying to fake this stuff. the crack video, for example, would have been extremely difficult to believably fake. we see theatrical films with $100 million+ budgets and complain about phony looking effects, so how would some schmo in his basement effectively create a video that would trick journalists and police?
  12. lherman

    Episode 275 — LIVE from SXSW 2014

    agreed. i was fortunate to see Adomian perform as Nottingham in Montreal in 2012 and it was hilarious to see how he interacted with the audience members in their various levels of discomfort and embarrassment. a great character, but he performs it in a very visual way, so i can see how it doesn't always work on an audio podcast (especially when it's in studio)
  13. lherman

    Episode BO2013.4 — Best of 2013 Pt 4

    IT'S BEEN...great revisiting these top 15 of 2013! too bad there wasn't enough exposure to the live eps to garner enough votes because there were some amazing moments during the tour. but at least the toronto show got a shout out with the sean cullen "it's been" debacle! happy 2014 Earwolf and fellow commenters, here's to another great year!
  14. lherman

    Regular guy

    I'm just a regular guy with an average sex drive...my hand, however, is a total sex addict.
  15. lherman

    Episode 65 — Howard the Duck: LIVE!

    how has nobody else commented on Tim Robbins' line about being a lab assistant, only until he finishes school and GETS HIS OWN MUSEUM??