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  1. As a joke I was called the breakfast machine as a child. I think this was because when it was breakfast time steam would come out of my eyes and I’d vomit hot tea. Then, I would take a knife and cut open my chest. Inside would be four rounds of crisp golden brown toast. Also would shit out a Cumberland sausage
  2. robotam

    Episode 277 - D'Arcy Carden, Our Close Friend

    New episode rumoured to drop this Tuesday
  3. robotam

    Episode 277 - D'Arcy Carden, Our Close Friend

    Well this episode certainly got me mumbling food and good on the bus.
  4. robotam

    Episode 276 - Mitra Jouhari, Our Rant Friend

    Some good eps this week. Keep it up and in a few more years I might consider myself a fan
  5. I actually do like Chef Kevin and hope he stays for at least a few more weeks
  6. I love Kevin. I am his biggest fan. But Tom is completely in right and Kev needs to go NOW! that a la mode tip was very helpful though
  7. The purple Hayes thing reminded me of a fun thing you can do when you are singing along to this year. Instead of I played videogames in a drunken haze, you can sing I played videogames with Sean and Hayes Try it if you want.
  8. robotam

    The Masked Engineer, Our Masked Friend

    very good very fun
  9. In Halloween 2010 all the kids were going to the party. The person I wanted to kiss told me to make sure I was there IN COSTUME. At that age you would do anything for the one you wanted to kiss*. I had work before the party and when it was time to leave work the door fell off. i had to hold the door up so that the alarm didn’t go off, while my coworker looked for a new hinge. It was hours before I left work.** Got home, got showered, got dressed in my makeshift matrix gear, got going. When I arrived at the party the person I wanted to kiss had already left and no one else was dressed up. so I drank a lot of vodka and kept doing the matrix bullet-limbo thing. The last matrix movie had come out 7 years prior. I don’t think I could have predicted then the way the golden globes turned out this year, so it’s impressive these guys did *Not judging, I would too. **It normally was, but this time it was even more hours
  10. new episode coming tomorrow
  11. I don’t know what Saturday Night Live is but I hope it doesn’t Saturday Night Die before Sean joins
  12. It’s funny how Charlie Brooker made the best tv show (screenwipe) and the worst one (black mirror). I guess that was his most fiendish twist of all. funny ep. Ithink i’ve now heard most of the scenarios.
  13. They should just dock greedy Colin’s pay and give more money to the boys and forum posters