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  1. some funny stuff this week.
  2. robotam

    Episode 285 - Martha Kelly, Our Close Friend

    I love this
  3. robotam

    Episode 285 - Martha Kelly, Our Close Friend

    Speaking of that. there’s a part in Daredevil season 2 where Daredevil’s friend and Jessica from true blood are sneaking around Punisher’s old house. It seems abandoned and I think Jessica from True Blood points out a stack of unopened mail. I always thought it would have been funny if Daredevil’s friend turned to her and said “Jesus, I haven’t seen so many letters since I last looked at the alphabet.”
  4. robotam

    Episode 285 - Martha Kelly, Our Close Friend

    I like Martha but I don't think she should replace Tom. 15 Tom eps and 15 Martha eps a year still leaves plenty of weeks for other (worse) guests
  5. robotam

    Episode 284 - Tim Heidecker, Our Close Friend

    Sean's son is starting to get good
  6. robotam

    Episode 283 - The Masked Guest

    Not sure what song I’d sing, but definitely something by Scott Grimes
  7. robotam

    Episode 282 - Kaitlin Olson, Our Close Friend

    The podcast mentioned on today’s doughboys double with the weird keg guy was bx angeles, right?
  8. robotam

    Episode 282 - Kaitlin Olson, Our Close Friend

    Image if Chelsea Handler play Adam Sandler's twin!
  9. I found this episode especially funny because I am a big fan of Sean and Hayes
  10. robotam

    What do we do with Kevin if

    Yep. Dells
  11. robotam

    Episode 280 - Weird Al, Our Close Friend

    Try month!
  12. If there's still time to record it, they should have HAC back for tomorrow's p. version. She was great fun
  13. As a joke I was called the breakfast machine as a child. I think this was because when it was breakfast time steam would come out of my eyes and I’d vomit hot tea. Then, I would take a knife and cut open my chest. Inside would be four rounds of crisp golden brown toast. Also would shit out a Cumberland sausage
  14. robotam

    Episode 277 - D'Arcy Carden, Our Close Friend

    New episode rumoured to drop this Tuesday