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  1. Aye, it was a really really good and presumably Kancelled Kevin's final ep
  2. robotam

    Episode 258 - Lennon Parham, Our Goals Friend

    Later when all of this gun stuff is done it might be a bit funny for someone’s forum name to be Chef Kevin Smith and Wesson. funny ep. I guess the Beatles went with the wrong Lennon. Our girl can sing!
  3. robotam

    Episode 257 - Max Silvestri, Our Dessert Friend

    The wednesday eps were good (pro version, master etc.) this week
  4. robotam

    Episode 257 - Max Silvestri, Our Dessert Friend

    here’s me listening to the ep: “LOL”
  5. robotam

    Episode 256 - Tom Scharpling, Our New Host

    Wish forhims had a forum so I had somewhere to post what I think of the episode (funny)
  6. Cant wait, the episode has already been recorded and reports from around the time say that it was “funny”.
  7. Great ep. At school everyone's normally saying "Danger, Will Robinson. Danger" but now it will be "Great job, Stefani Robinson. Funny.' Also cool that Zach and Jess nearly know the famous line from the show
  8. Normally, when a live show is released, they see a huge reverse spike in downloads. No one who attended the show would want to listen without “all the actions”. To combat this, I suspect the boys will ask us for popcorn gallery questions to be edited in to next week’s episode. If there was anything you ever wanted to ask Tom or Julie, get your typing fingers ready!
  9. This is a great episode. Very funny and very informative. Both sides made some good points and I have a lot to think about. Lots of love, robotam
  10. I like toasty socks as much as the next guy. But this is ridiculous! also pro V and Mclass were great
  11. I was locked out of my office this morning, so was able to listen to the entire episode (v. funny) before work and then while I was at work the place where I was planning on buying new socks burnt down.
  12. Rumours that next ep is double length and will be entirely made up of the popcorn gallery. The boys NEED lots of questions to make this work. The guest is a “famous Esther”. My guess is Fred.
  13. To everyone wondering if it's weird listening to Joe Monday on a Tuesday episode. It is. But also very funny. This one* is definitely a MUST LISTEN. *And all episodes so far
  14. robotam

    Episode 251 - Tim Baltz, Our Close Friend

    You might need to stop for a while later on, so that Hayes can read our popcorn gallery questions more easily. But it's fine to continue after that