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  1. Remember the time when we all went skinny dipping and they called the cops and we didn't qualify for the olympics because apparently a penis on national TV is a bad thing now?
  2. Today's special. Everyday is special. We're all wonders of nature. Rejoice! Also carrot soup.
  3. Fact check this you fact checking mother factor.
  4. How many fucks would a fuck chucker chuck if a fuck chucker gave a fuck?
  5. Soft shoe or soft shell, either way I've got crabs and I'm dancing.
  6. I've been scraping a living for so long I'm starting to think I'm a dental hygienist
  7. Are you just happy to see me or is that an incorrectly structured joke in your pocket?
  8. Dunce like nobody is spell-checking.
  9. Dance like nobody is bad-mouthing you on Twitter.
  10. Put your meat in my freezer and I'll put my snuff in your sneezer.
  11. Charlie Don't Surf 'n Turf.
  12. Current reference plus fart joke equals welcome to comedy bang bang.
  13. Peter Dinklage ruminating on a cliff - Peter ThinkLedge
  14. Let's get jiggy with twiggy in a wiggy.
  15. Talking Tang and Tangoing with Tolkien. I have no idea how Tolkien is supposed to be pronounced. Let's just pretend it rhymes with Talking.
  16. Shut the front door. And shut the fuck up after you do it. It's draughty and you talk too much.
  17. I've been giving promiscuous vegetables to my girlfriend. My peas are now herpes.
  18. When extreme measures are called for you need the Wooooahhh Ruler.
  19. If you show me your system of holes in the ground where substances such as coal, metal, and salt are removed and I'll show you mine.
  20. If there's a moose loose aboot your hoose then you got a broken U button on your keyboard baby.
  21. SideofMcG

    Episode 599 - 10th Anniversary

    Holy Guacamole. TEN HOURS!
  22. Robin Hood bedded Sir Lancelot like a thief in the knight.
  23. Rory's stories were gorey and snorey, they started to bore me but yet he told morey.
  24. Dance in the aisles when the prince steps to it. Get fired from your job, took off your uniform and threw it.
  25. I'm a man of beans by no means. King of the Toots.