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  1. There's a war on Christmas happening in my pants.
  2. Mister Toe surprisingly doesn't get much action around Christmas.
  3. Slap me silly, it gives me a thrilly. But don't fondle my belly, or Santa'll get jelly.
  4. If it tingles while it jingles, you've got an STD with bells on.
  5. 'tis the seasoning, said Santa adding Five Spice to the mulled wine like a complete jerk.
  6. The bling postman always ca-chings twice.
  7. Chew me up and spit me out but it's impolite to check my ass out.
  8. Antifa ate all my alfalfa. Thanks Obamacare.
  9. As I Charleston off this mortal coil, I'm doing jazz hands into the great beyond.
  10. Righting the wrongs of Blighty songs, your underwear lasts cause they're mighty thongs.
  11. Ahhh... what's wrong, hotdog? Welcome to Comedy Bring Down.
  12. Hello we're the Finnish brothers. I'm Photoh and this is my brother Matt.
  13. To everything turn, turn, turn. There is a bend, turn turn turn. NOPE. You've failed your driving test again Mr. Cody.
  14. Brexit me this, Brexit me that, Brexit me arse, it ran over my cat.
  15. Don't forget children, there's always time to play Fork in the Socket.
  16. Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole. He was called a dick a lot though because insults don't have to rhyme.
  17. Imma let you finish. Glossy or Matt?
  18. Buying out a yoghurt company? You better believe that's cultural appropriation.
  19. I was raised by mimes but when I turned my back on the art they never spoke to me again.
  20. Thanksgiving, Scmanksgiving, Spanksgiving oooh la la
  21. Everyone's talking about new improved quality, high-res, original flavour, caffeine-free, alcohol-enriched, bubble-soft, organic, GMO, top of the line, second-to-none, water.
  22. SideofMcG

    Episode 201 - Skyscraper

    I think the helicopter was Building Guy's. The bad guys were going to jump.
  23. There's no point tie-dyeing over spilt milk.
  24. SideofMcG

    Episode 201 - Skyscraper

    Bad Guy to Building Guy: "You know I can't kill you." 10 seconds later fires automatic weapon at him repeatedly. Gee I guess he just plain forgot about that no-killing him thing, huh?