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  1. Why were so many people getting blinded? The kid, Cusack, whoever the birds were attacking... it was a constant attack on the eyes.
  2. The_Other_MikeD

    Episode 206.5 - Minisode 206.5

    Which couple? Like Hamlet, all the main characters died except Jackie Chan. I thought the movie was very straightforward. And if you cut out all the fight sequences, it would be about 45 minutes long. Have you ever seen a Jackie Chan movie? The long choreographed fight sequences are a signature touch.
  3. The_Other_MikeD

    Episode 206 - Little Italy

    Let's focus on the real love story: Jogi and Jessie. Despite Jogi's attraction to older women and Jessie's Def Comedy Jam put downs, they have a more sensible plotline than Lay-O and Nikki. It was much more fun watching these two interact then the main characters. I would for sure watch a movie about these two. My question about them is why they wore ethnic styles to the wedding? Could the movie have been saved an R rating by dropping the blooper reel? It seems that all the heavy cursing ('F's) and deep sexual reference (Luigi's cock holder) were during that part. Also, why did Luigi need a cock holder in place at all? Couldn't they have just started the scene with the shorts under his butt and go from there?
  4. It wouldn't have been as dramatic as a sledgehammer but Statham could have just unplugged the phone from the wall or taken the receiver. Then the best she could have done was tap the wires together calling randos with no way to talk to them.
  5. I thought he was offering William H. Macy a spot on his squad but that Macy knew about it (perhaps they had a group that beat up some drug runners). Later when Macy starts shooting at Emmerich, he seems to have forgotten that Emmerich has a goon squad.
  6. Chris Evans knows he's been calling a landline because KB says that she has put the phone back together. The line he calls back (KB's) is then presumably a landline even though Statham either has it call forwarded or is using a cordless phone. Don't forget that, for whatever reason, this house has a phone that has several connecting lines which was shown when Dmitri (?) finds out KB is on the house line. I'm more concerned with Ryan parking wherever the hell he wants (at the pier, in front of the police station, RIGHT IN FRONT of the packed cell phone store,etc.) Also, is the kidnapper's house the same one that John Stamos lived in "Never Too Young to Die"? Same wooden staircases and sparse interior.
  7. The_Other_MikeD

    Episode 200 - Action Jackson: LIVE!

    I know this is totally late but what about the first time Action and Vanity drive around she gives him a wet willy and then doesn't understand why he gets upset.
  8. He still had plenty of time to play Rain in Big Trouble in Little China the same year.
  9. How about "Operation: Stargrove" (Portuguese/Tagline: To hunt that gang they formed Operation Stargrove) or "Stargrove and Danja" (French/Tagline: Waterfalls. Prosecution. Fights. To cut the Soueele[?]) or "Lance-Never Die Young" (German/Tagline: He is only 18, and is already hunted by all) or "Not To Be Late" (Turkish/Tagline: When a student is unaware of everything, he has become the target of bloody killers)?
  10. Better than a Jeter fruit basket!
  11. The_Other_MikeD

    Episode 150 - Grease 2

    My photo got eaten. Here's another try.
  12. The_Other_MikeD

    Episode 150 - Grease 2

    One more observation, during "Reproduction" one guys lays across the desks of three girls and the one who is closest to his crotch is staring at it very intently.
  13. The_Other_MikeD

    Episode 150 - Grease 2

    C+O: The nerd guy tells Michael that he should lock his locker because stuff gets stolen and then the Pink Ladies all leave their lockers unlocked. Isn't Adrian Zmed the actual star? He is on screen much more than Michael. I didn't go back to check but did Stephanie take her shades off when the goggled Cool Rider shows up? And in response way up the board, Michael lived in the fallout shelter that the T-Birds use to sing Do It For Your Country in. Finally, I think we were robbed of a scene where the hot teacher notices that all the T-Bird's papers were in the same excellent penmanship since they didn't seem to be rewriting their papers. The first paper was near calligraphy while the last paper had ink being thrown on it to resemble the authentic nature of Goose.
  14. The_Other_MikeD

    Episode 147 - Gamer: LIVE!

    I may be just a caveman lawyer but I see a guy shoot another guy in the head and I'm going to think he's guilty. Just watch some 'real crime' tv shows and you wills see endless poorly audioed video of people being interrogated by the police. Suppose the prosecution just shows Kable standing up and shooting the guy? Case closed.
  15. The_Other_MikeD

    Episode 147 - Gamer: LIVE!

    Sorry to quote myself but I just thought of the best sequel: Gamer 2: Respawn. Leguizamo comes back only his system has been corrupted by the Clown Virus and he plays his character from Spawn. The Spawn and Kable team up to fight the daughter who is secretly controlling Clown/Leguizamo. Then things get crazy!