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  1. The_Other_MikeD

    Episode 252 - Governor Gabbi

    For an 85 minute movie, the older ladies spend a good 5 minutes in the garage (with the door mostly closed) talking about going back to the same presumably horrible repair shop. the entire payoff to this is when Gabbi asks Aunt Mechanic where her car is at the party and the aunt says, "It's a long story." Gabbi is shown the governor's mansion. They stop and she asks, "Do I live here?" Balse says no, smirks and they drive out to a perfectly nice house and says, "You live here." Of course Gabbi is thrilled much to his chagrin. It's not like he drove her to the bad part of town and kicked her out of the car. The 'Governor's Seal' was a piece of paper the said something like "The Office of the Governor". During the blanket scene she is taken down by a green blanket, which then turns orange and in the very next scene two people watching the press conference are under the same orange blanket. I think they used every room in the Niebauer house including shooting the kitchen from either end to make an extra room. Did anyone else think that she was dating either the assistant Mark or the shiny foreheaded Josh? They were at varying times both giving her the lovey dovey eyes.
  2. The_Other_MikeD

    Episode 252 - Governor Gabbi

    My theories on "E. L. Bachem". Another family member Erica Lee Niebauer is credited with Costume and Production Design. I suspect she wanted to help the family 'studio' but still be able to have a career beyond it so she gave herself a pseudonym. Erica Niebauer has a separate page as an actress, basically background players in all the Niebauer productions. As also Elee Bachem this would give her FOUR IMDB pages under different names.
  3. The_Other_MikeD

    Episode 252 - Governor Gabbi

    She wasn't a write-in. Shiny Mark (her other admirer?) who counted the bake sale votes was also in charge of creating the STATE BALLOT. His boss yelled at him so his 'revenge' was to put Gabbi's name on the ballot instead of the actual candidate. In reality, they would have had to reprint all the ballots when this is discovered. Elections in my part of the country send out a ballot with all the candidates and initiatives on it well in advance of the vote. Someone would have noticed before election day that her name was there instead of the actual candidate.
  4. The_Other_MikeD

    Episode 252 - Governor Gabbi

    A moonbat is a derogatory term for liberals (according to Wikipedia). Does this make Gabby a Republican? All her policies were very liberal (public transport, teaching salaries) but she kept calling Balse and Co. moonbats.
  5. The_Other_MikeD

    Episode 251.1 — Minisode 251.5

    This movie is also available FOR FREE on Hoopla which may be available through your library.
  6. The_Other_MikeD

    Episode 247 - 2:22 (Live in Portland)

    When it was taped (Sept. 14, 2019) the previous episode was #221 (Aug. 30, 2019) so she presumed this would be the next episode. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_How_Did_This_Get_Made%3F_episodes http://www.kellerauditoriumportland.com/events/how-did-this-get-made/#.X0u-AIt7ldg
  7. The_Other_MikeD

    Episode 247 - 2:22 (Live in Portland)

    I'm told that could be his "stash" by reliable sources. And the first thing he pulled out of his hipster drawer was parchment paper. You know the first thing you grab to write down something important. This would explain why the windows were written on like a scene out of Numb3rs.
  8. The_Other_MikeD

    Episode 247 - 2:22 (Live in Portland)

    Since the film took place over 4-5 days, why did Daario have to write the repeating pattern on everything he could get his hands on? He wrote it on a notepad, then transferred it to the windows in his apartment. I was waiting for the string board to be next. No work and all conspiracy make Daario a crazy boy.
  9. The_Other_MikeD

    Episode 239 - Cool World

    Frank's girlfriend asks if he was killed by a Doodle. If so, he will become a Doodle. I don't remember this rule being mentioned before but does that mean she was originally a Noid who was killed by a Doodle and that's how she knows this rule?
  10. The_Other_MikeD

    Episode 239 - Cool World

    Maybe Pitt is his own department like SVU. His only enforcement seems to be to return Noids back to the real world so he's the Special Noid Unit.
  11. Of all the movies I've watched for this podcast, this maybe the worst one. I realize it was a kids movie but it was beyond dumb and the laughs were non-existent (sorry, Jason and June). I would imagine Dana Carvey would like to write this one off as a bad choice except that he wrote the movie. *turtle*
  12. In the DVD version I watched, Kate is told that the Christmas office party/promotion announcement is on Christmas Eve which is also Daniel's last day on Earth until next year. I thought "Oh, she'll try to make both parties (boring bar owner's party was the same night)." Then it skips to she's at BBO's party with no explanation of how she ditched the office party, as if she had just quit her job or given up the promotion to see Daniel one more time. I know this sort of gets explained later when her (ex-)boss calls her to find out where the paperwork is. That's when she should have blackmailed him for her job and promotion back. Also there is a great little song that plays over the selection screen. It sounds reminiscent of Christmas Time is Here from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. The only original song listed in the credits is called 'Phantom Girlfriend'.
  13. The previous owner has just died and it seemed that the lawyer boss had been told by the remaining relatives that they wanted to be rid of the property ASAP. I think that Daniel went off on 'business' for indeterminate lengths of time so when he promised Lily that would be back for Christmas he didn't really know how long he would be gone. That's why the brother was telling her on the porch that he was unreliable since here it was Christmas Eve night and he hadn't returned. Since they didn't know exactly when he was supposed to return, they didn't run out and file a missing persons report. It just looked like he never returned so he was presumed dead.
  14. I believe that the Damian referred to in the Amazon review is Michael "Rock On/Young and the Restless" Damian who is the writer/director/producer. Also I laughed at the scene where Blackwell meets his downstairs neighbors. They invite him in and say "We're a dance crew. So sit down an watch us dance." Then they proceed to each do a solo so that Hayward can introduce them middle of the concert "here's the band" style.
  15. The_Other_MikeD

    Episode 227 - Double Dragon: LIVE!

    Super late observations: When they get into the elevator (in Robert Patrick's office), the doors don't close. Then we get some b-roll of an elevator descending. Then they 'get out' but the doors again don't appear, the group is just there on the bottom floor. It is mentioned that the federal government doesn't help them when the earthquake hits. Why isn't George Hamilton listed in the credits? Is he embarrassed to be in a movie that he mentions his own name? When we first meet Milano she is 'disguised' as graffiti by wearing the coat but they are all facing the wall. Do they just stand in the alley all night just in case someone comes down the alley so they can jump out at them?