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Episode 281 - The Staves and the Telekinet...

Dalton Maltz's Photo Dalton Maltz 09 Mar 2017

Special musical guests The Staves join John Gemberling, Eugene Cordero, Shaun Diston, and Matt Besser for this week’s improv4humans. The Staves play songs that inspire scenes about a prison tattoo with terrible side effects, misunderstanding the concept of an Xbox, and a band that compliments every city but the one they’re playing in. Plus, John has a hard time getting his name spelled correctly at Starbucks, and telekinetic children push the boundaries of acceptable behavior.

Chester's Photo Chester 09 Mar 2017

Well, that was just one hell of an episode. The musical harmonies were genuinely lovely, several of the scenes were stone-cold fantastic (especially the Xbox, stage patter, and telekenisis scenes), and I always enjoy John Gemberling's proclivity for imbuing his characters with dark and nefarious intentions. Hell, there was even a god-damn post-credits sequence, for Christ's sake.

Not much more you could ask for.

BlankBlankBlank's Photo BlankBlankBlank 09 Mar 2017

One song in and I already started back over to hear it again. Besser has introduced me to more great music than anyone I have ever known.

Frenchfries's Photo Frenchfries 09 Mar 2017

During the first song I kept picturing a multi-camera videotaping of the podcast. The room was dimly lit and the camera would switch from the Staves singing looking angelic to zoomed in shots of Matty B and the other improvisers looking on captivated and just bobbing their heads softly. Maybe at one point Gemberling could be seen mouthing some lyrics.

Shampoodler's Photo Shampoodler 09 Mar 2017

What they said.

ReginaCrimpsManager's Photo ReginaCrimpsManager 09 Mar 2017

Haven't listened yet but can't wait -- I love The Staves! beautiful music

ThunderCock69's Photo ThunderCock69 09 Mar 2017

Oh my god their voices

SteFoster's Photo SteFoster 09 Mar 2017

Always a great episode when Gemberlicking about, didn't dissapoint. Some belting music too.

joe lerini's Photo joe lerini 09 Mar 2017

Yeah! Johnny G!

Kickpuncher's Photo Kickpuncher 09 Mar 2017

View PostChester, on 09 March 2017 - 04:07 AM, said:

Hell, there was even a god-damn post-credits sequence, for Christ's sake.

Titsy Harry is the first recruit for the Improvengers.

Great ep all around, but one thing that especially killed me was Eugene's creepy kid voice during the witch school scene.

Jon Onyx's Photo Jon Onyx 09 Mar 2017

Imagine my surprise to see the guests when just earlier this week i commented this on the SPONT episode with shaun

View PostJon Onyx, on 06 March 2017 - 05:10 PM, said:

Great ep! really enjoyed Shaun Diston,

would love to see him appear again with Eugene Cordero, i feel like they have similar vibes

Face Like Thunder's Photo Face Like Thunder 11 Mar 2017

Beautiful tunes
Fantastic ep