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Episode 317 - Sing A Long Experiment #3

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Scott Aukerman, Jessica McKenna, Seth Morris, Zach Reino, and Space Warrior join Matt Besser for another sing-a-long experiment on improv4humans! They join chorus on songs by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Elton John, and Bob Seger that inspire scenes about a renegade taxidermist on a quest to create a new animal, a man so charming he stops a plane from taking off, and an all-bass Sha Na Na cover band. Plus, an unaffiliated Ghostbusters group tackles ghost crimes and preteen rascals bring Frosty the Snowman to life with a stolen hat.




(2:52 - 19:27) Free Bird - Zach breaks up with his girlfriend because he has too many places to see/A renegade taxidermy artist seeks to create a new creature and a new mythology


(19:35 - 31:40) Daniel - Daniel takes way too much time in the doorway of a plane, but no one minds as he is quite charming/Daniel’s charm becomes distracting to the point that the plane can’t take off


(34:00 - 51:05) Turn the Page - Drifter in a diner drove sixteen hours for a bowling party/Bowling nicknames are disrespectful to the Sha Na Na cover band, which is all bass


(51:13 - 1:01:19) Ghostbusters Theme - Ghostbusters unaffiliated with the film only arrest ghosts for ghost crimes


(1:02:06 - 1:12:16) Frosty the Snowman - Preteen rascals deal with the consequences of stealing a magicians hat for Frosty

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I love it when Scott is on i4h, he's so good at twisting scenes


Also it kills me how funny Earwolf finds Sha Na Na

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Hello, Mr. Aukerman.


When Scott was playing a ghost watching TV and he threatened to kill a cockroach, I thought the joke was going to be that he was watching The Cosby Show.

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