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Commercial overload = no thanks

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It was a really bad decision to flood every single episode of an Earwolf podcast with a commercial for S2 of TADPPP. It's definitely poisoned my affection for Andy Daly, and lost me as a listener, even though I liked S1.

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I think Andy Daly could be found guilty of setting fire to an orphanage that specialized in extra cutie-wutie war orphan patooties that spoke the kind of fractured English that advanced gypsies teach their offspring to mimic in order to maximize heartstrings tugged which of course equals more dollars given but I digress, Andy Daly is so mother fucking talented that even the life imprisonment even the guilty plea to 322 counts of first degree murder even if it was 318 teensy tiny widdle  yummy tummy kids ages 1 mo. through 11 years (4 of the deaths were boring old ugly 1 or 2 parent having nuns blechhhh) even if during the trial it came to light that each of Andy's characters were actually based on real-life people he would stalk, kidnap, learn to impersonate, strangle and finally eat portions of their brain and hearts to "bring a sense of authenticity to the performance" I would still re-listen to seasons 1 and 2 annually if not more AND would be the first one in line to purchase the Patreon subscription to his prison-based podcast that he records on a smuggled in cell phone that I will be more than happy to shove into my body cavity if it means NEW CONTENT FROM the Michael Jordan of Podcastian Delights (Mr. Daly earns that hallowed title because of his little-known ability to dunk from the free throw line). 

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