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Episode 36.5 — Live from DCM Pt. 2

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And now the thrilling conclusion of improv4humans LIVE from the Del Close Marathon! More improvisers (like Mike Delaney from The Stepfathers and The Swarm), more stories, more scenes, more laughs! How can you go wrong?

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The Lora/Laura callback caught me off guard. At first I thought, "Wow that's pretty obscure to bring that up a week later." Then I remembered this took place on the same night, I'm just hearing it a week later... And the genius of the week award goes to...


Anyway, I really liked the last trio. The rafting scene was awesome, especially the 'dead wife's photo' bit.

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Oh man both of these live Del Close marathon casts have been fantastic. This show has been solidly entertaining for a while now and these two were a real treat. It was awesome that the second show ended with the best and funniest scenes. Did those 3 person rotations consist of improv teams that regularly perform together or were they just random UCB students?


Since Matt asked who should be invited back I am going to try to answer. The difficulty comes from not knowing which voice belongs to which name when there isn’t a question for each person to begin with.


Invite backs from the first one:

Chris Cethard, Fran Gillespie, Tim Martin

Josh Patton, Ryan Carels, Nate Dern (not sure who is who but they were all funny)

Shannon Oneil (she was great)

Langdon Kingsley was sharp & quick


Invite backs from the 2nd one:

The last group definitely, all 3 of them

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