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    @Cam Bert And finished! Sorry for the watermark, but this is gonna be a 4"x6" print for when we do cons. Many thanks for the inspiration lol
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    It's not finished yet, but @Cam Bert inspired me
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    I drew a smol friend (not related to anything here, sorry)
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    Be excellent to each other!
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    what's up man appreciate the chill vibe you've cultivated here pretty nice to have a space like this
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    Please Mom don't poop on my coupon again when you know I've gotta podswag my dad bod.
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    This tragedy has got the goodgedies, if Catchphrase Submissions had a house full of us in it I would want ClownCarRaggedy as my roommate and my new bestie. Off camera we sulk, tormented by the knowledge that each step we take is one closer to fulfilling life's eternal promise of killing you one day. But on camera? We be drinking schnapps and pappin' pills , we be slicing wedges at the club, getting krunk with the fly lady, she buzzing all the time, she annoying. We swat her and say hi to the moth babes near the flame. Yeah bugging out is better than tugging snout, knowwhaddimsayinboiiiiiii
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    welcome to my homepage, please sign the guestbook
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    Im hoping this profile page can be a place where all earwolf fans can relax and "chill out"
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    feel free to follow and enjoy
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    please comment on this status update for what you would like to see in my feed, and no I am not just trying to top the leaderboards in number of status updates
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