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  1. Zip, zoom! Pow! Let's go to Macau And frightened Miss Muffet away.
  2. Wah wah to Nursery Nap Nap, I'm your toddwer Small Diapermilk.
  3. If you party in the woods, but nobody's around to see it, lemme know because I am also alone in the woods and I have party favors.
  4. If dates are nature's candy, and Runts are candy fruits, then watching little gay people go out to dinner must be really sweet.
  5. Catchphrase: Some of us have to create our own catchphrases for our comedy podcasts, Aukerman, you racket-running hack. Well, no more! We're done!
  6. I like my women how I like my coffee: forgiving of my inability to create analogies.
  7. No, I was asking if there was a dog tour in the house, but now that you're here maybe you can help my insatiable need to look at many dogs.