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  1. thankyou codysam
  2. ACER

    Episode 7 - Pete Holmes

    i was promised drawings of puppy dogs and now i cant find them and i am sad
  3. open up the plug bag baby show me whatcha got i would like to know where to go to see the show i sure would like it alot i wanna see your next movie maybe streamin on my tv screen i wanna know where to go so let me know with the plug bag so open it up yeah
  4. https://soundcloud.com/anthonycurtis/plugbag
  5. If you flail your pan, you must make your flan in a pail
  6. ACER

    Episode 479 - The Bunn Process

    i am looking for the would you rather pile. i have a good would you rather and i need a pile for it. would you rather me leave this would you rather here or would you rather me leave this would you rather in the pile(where is the pile?)?
  7. ACER

    Guest suggestions

    dear Matt Besser, i thnk you should have a fellow named Dean Johanesen on as a musical guest. I had the pleasure of running the soundboard while he played and he seems perfect for your show. There is a song about tesla/edison battle and one of them electructes elephants but i cant remember which and i cant find the song on you tube but i can link you to this song which is quite good. i like songs that are complicated with many chords. and interesting lyrics too!.... he is great you should book him! love your show! -tony
  8. https://soundcloud.com/anthonycurtis/that-is-a-good-plugs-theme
  9. my bad it seemed so plausible
  10. Psycho Kid Ruins Thanksgiving
  11. Welcome to the comedy bang bang a dang a dang diggy diggy diggy said the boogy said up jump the boogy woogy bing bong bean bag podcast show starting now
  12. ACER

    Guest suggestions

    for a musical guest you should try an get Dean Johanesen! Good chords good story lyrics great sound!